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" Never Ending Curse "

Even in a poverty stricken situation sharing still exist, where one fill others appetite before filling his own. 

Imprisoned within the bars of  POVERTY
A hold of togetherness

Unconditional Love

Whenever is see this snap it puts a smile on my face, a lot of memories are refreshed. I was born in Kerala and she left me there with my other relatives when i was merely 5 month old, and my uncle and both my grandmother's took care of me for 3 years. I completely enjoyed my life there with them and never thought of my parents. When i grew up and when i used to ask them how did i behave when i was an infant they said your grandmother an uncle took care of you we were busy here in Delhi. i really felt very bad that why did my parents did this to me? why were they not near me like other's parents were?

But gradually when i became mature i thought, they worked day and night just to provide me with all the best facilities possible, whether its education or any of my wishes. My mother with whom i am always at war, whenever she scolds me i never think of the sacrifices she made for me and just speak out those angry words to her, without thinking that how she would be feeling. Stil…

An angel in disguise

I personally believe that everyone have a special person or someone really important in their lives but  i have someone in my life whom i consider as an angel and that too in a disguise of my best friend. She is the one who is with me as a constant companion through all the walks of my life whether i am in good or bad condition. Whenever we are about to do something wrong our conscious pricks, it stops us from committing that wrong doing, In the same way in my life she plays the role of my conscious where she stops me from falling into the shallow pit of darkness. We were friends since 14 years but when our friendship started it was limited, we knew everything about each other but never bothered about each other. But as the years passed by i gradually realized her value, her existence in my life mattered a lot to me. Before doing anything i took her advice for she thought always the best for me. I really pray to God that he may gift this sort of friend to everyone in their lives, bec…