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A Fist Sized Complexity

"Everyone says that our heart is that of our fist size, but this fist sized pumping engine is the most complex thing to understand. Science can measure it's speed but no external or mechanical thing can measure what's going inside it."When I broke in as humanitarian when I opted for humanities in class XIth, I thought this will open up a new door in my life that will be filled with innovative and out of the box stuffs, I was filled with elation after stepping into this new field, but my fate, that my happiness and parents thought process did not went hand in hand. According to them I did a heinous crime by breaking the lineage of my family of hooking up with either Science - The elite group or should I say Brahmans of the social strata, or Commerce - The second or the third most elite group or the Kshatriya or Vaishyas of the social strata. But like a awestruck happening for my parents expectations I hooked myself with a path where my fellow family members did not ev…