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Rahul Gandhi prognosticated that Narendra Modi won't make it up for 2019 elections: would this be in reality or just a prediction made in vain?

Whenever we are asked about Modi or things related to BJP the only word that runs into our mind is "Hindutva".  But on Tuesday, that means on 14 August on an interaction with the editors on a question that asked whether he was welcoming Hindutva to pacify majority community he answered that "he was not espoused to Hindutva be it soft or hardcore". He stated that stated that there is no wrong in going to a religious place or meeting religious leaders; his strict indifferences with PM Narendra Modi was all because of different ideologies and not personal in any means.
While Rahul was on his 2-day visit to Hyderabad he prophesied that Narendra Modi would not be able to make it up for 2019 elections and BJP would be unable to gain 230 seats in Lok Sabha. And the reason he adds to his prediction is that "it would occur just because of the alliance of non-BJP parties that would be formed in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh."
Adding credibility to his prediction he said tha…