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#Changing "NEWS VALUES"

#Changing "NEWS VALUES"After the coming up of "new media" the essence of traditional media especially that of newspapers has changed, to be more specific the news values it carried. After the coming up of "blog" we can see a drastic change that has happened to the news values.
Blog, which is said to be more like a personal and opinionated diary that is open to the public. Nowadays every journalist do possess but most of the laymen also do blogging. They are free to blog about anything irrespective of any topic of their interest even if it is about a petty food. 
With the coming up of blog every individual is free to frame their opinions and ideologies regarding a burning hot topic, any issue that seems to be newsy for them. Now, when you yourself take up a news piece and state your personal opinions about it, the news values tend to change, because you are not writing for any newspaper, you are free to voice your statements so it's natural that somewher…