#Changing "NEWS VALUES"

#Changing "NEWS VALUES"

After the coming up of "new media" the essence of traditional media especially that of newspapers has changed, to be more specific the news values it carried. After the coming up of "blog" we can see a drastic change that has happened to the news values.

Blog, which is said to be more like a personal and opinionated diary that is open to the public. Nowadays every journalist do possess but most of the laymen also do blogging. They are free to blog about anything irrespective of any topic of their interest even if it is about a petty food. 

With the coming up of blog every individual is free to frame their opinions and ideologies regarding a burning hot topic, any issue that seems to be newsy for them. Now, when you yourself take up a news piece and state your personal opinions about it, the news values tend to change, because you are not writing for any newspaper, you are free to voice your statements so it's natural that somewhere or the other the news values is said to be compromised. now lets have a look at few of the sacrosanct news values that got a hit of change with the coming up of blogging.

TIMELINESS: Newspapers carried a news value named timeliness with it, which meant to say that a delayed news is stale, news should be fresh. but one drawback is that you can get a capsule of information on television but to get the full news feed you have to wait till next day's newspaper. But with the coming up of blogging you can get instant updates, and that too opinionated one. and moreover it you have an online access, so now you don't have to wait for tomorrow's paper.
PROXIMITY: Earlier, the incidents that took place near our immediate vicinity affected us a lot and we could relate with it. But now you get access to the news all over the world, irrespective of any country be it Africa, America or any other place on globe. now there is no factor like nearness.
OBJECTIVITY: In journalistic writings you need to have objectivity, which means that you simply have to lay down the facts and be neutral, you cannot lean on your understanding.This one of the basic but the crucial elements of news writing. But in blogging when you take up an issue you go subjective, which means that you show your personal interests,opinions and views on that particular issue.
INVERTED PYRAMID: This is the traditional style that has been followed since ages, in this style at the top most you have the lead which contains the crucial information,then comes the body and then the tail;but in blogging there is no defined style you can start off the way you want to.
PROMINENCE: In news articles if you have a famous personalities involved in your story it means that there are more chances that your story will be read. But now the scenario has changed even if you have a eminent personality tag attached to your story or not it will be read.Nowadays story's on blog make people famous.
CREDIBILITY: One of the most important element. in newspapers you have a credible source from which you get the facts and information, there is accuracy in it. But when we look at blogs, not all the blogs have credible content in it,many of the facts will be fabricated and these fabricated facts hit the audience and influence their opinions and views about an issue.
RESPONSE: For response newspaper is an inappropriate medium, because response in newspapers stand for letter to the Editor and that too not all the responses will be counted only a couple of ones and that too the ones that the organization selects to be published, but on the other hand you can do an instant response on blog you can raise your comment on a particular issue if that opinionated piece stands for or against your views.

As we move towards conclusion we can see a whole lot of news values that has shriveled after the coming up of blogs. Because nowadays its all about getting influenced, no one looks at the facts whether the information provided is true or not just believe on what they see. After the coming up of blogs there has been many boons attached to it but at the same time have few negatives with it.