Portrayal of Women in Media


"Media, that is trusted to be the fourth pillar of democracy, the gatekeeper, watchdog; which is expected to reveal the truth and be neutral. Which does not show any difference between gender, religion and race." Now this is the hard core definition of media, but does Indian media also has the same context? No, because our media is busy with the TRP's; they are dying to increase their viewership by filling all sorts of nonsense that could attract more and more eyeballs to their show. 

India, a country where women are looked upon as goddesses, where India itself claims to be tagged as "BharatMata" and we as media broadcasters and consumers do not have a spec of shame within us to portray women as a sex symbol on Television and other mediums too.

If you have keenly observed, how does our media portray women? Do you find it descent enough that every media consumers can consume it? Or does it provoke you in such a way that gives you an adrenaline rush down your body? I am sure that most of the answers would be in favor of the latter one. Our audio visual medium use women as an asset to increase their viewership. 

Did you ever gave a thought why Sunny Leone or Bipasha Basu are shown so sexy and sensual in these condom ads? I suppose condom is a product that is used for protection but our producers and directors have entirely changed it's definition from protection to fun. And do you think if both of these female actresses are endorsing this ad by wearing a burka or suit, would the audiences still prefer to stay glued to their seats watching this two minutes ad? Why do the directors or producers prefer smaller and sexy dresses that reveal out their body in a negative way? 

Have you ever wondered why item songs are one of the essentials that is looked upon while making a film? Why only female actors are made to wear bikinis or small dresses and why are not the male actors instructed to show off their entire body? Their are many films that only run because of the item numbers like "Tees Maar Khan" people only went to watch Katrina dancing in Sheila ki Jawani, Dirty Picture where Vidya Balan depicted her outstanding acting skills but the theaters were houseful just because of Vidya's body show, right?

Apart from portraying them in a sexual and sensual manner, in most of the daily soaps they are portrayed as weak, submissive and inferior to the male protagonist. They are never shown on equal proportion to the male actors. Or just to add on a essence they are shown in revengeful attitude or shrewd ones. 

We preach and teach about gender equality, where they are unknown about gender sensitization. where our media endorse women as a "Sex Symbol" and tagged as "Sexy" or they are shown as helpless, meek and weak characters. where we shout about "Women Empowerment" our own media is letting down their status through various mediums where they are shown as submissive.

Only if our media stretches out from the stereotypes then only there will be a revolution in our society where women will be the new stakeholders.   


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